Motor Coach is An Excellent Way to Shuttle Your Guests on Your Wedding


You’ve planned every detail about your wedding day, from your bridal gown, flowers, food, and beverages – but your guests who will make or break your big day.

There will be guests who will not show up or will arrive late can lead to a damper during your wedding day, with all of the efforts you put into your big day, it’s no fun when guests are missing.

So, what could be the best solution for this? Consider arranging a chicago motor coach for your guests, to ensure that they will arrive on time and safely to your wedding ceremony venue. Also, it can provide a variety of advantages for your guests that can make them feel that your wedding day is the perfect day.

Continue to reading to learn more about how a motor coach can make your event as the wedding of the year!

chicago motor coachLess Stress for You and Your Guests!

It’s quite easy to forget about your guests, and that’s understandable. Of course, you have a lot of things to do, and you’re wrapped with every small detail needed for your wedding. While a simple wedding bus may seem not a big deal, especially for your local guests, but it can make a massive difference for your out-of-town guests.

Providing a wedding motor coach service for your guests will lessen their stress by navigating their own transportation. Plus, it will enable them to enjoy things at the wedding with dancing, drinking without worrying about their transportation.

Not only that, but you can ensure that guests will arrive on time, and your shuttle service will become an enjoyable experience that your guests will never forget. Also, your stress will lessen the responsibility of making sure that tipsy guests will get home safely.

Motor Coach is Cost-Effective as Your Wedding Shuttle

Transporting a large number of guests in multiple vehicles can be pricey, but if you hire a personal chicago motor coach, you will spend less per passenger. Motor coach specializes in both short and long-distance trips. Some rental companies can cost you only $120-150 per hour.

Also, a full motor coach can help your guest to lessen their expenses by booking for car rental or take a taxi just to transport them to your wedding venue.

Offer Luxury Amenities For Your Guests

You can give your guests an unforgettable ride if you want. Also, you can offer them some champagne while music plays on the motor coach’s entertainment system. You can play a slideshow of you and your spouse-to-be on the coach’s TV monitor while your guests are on their way to your wedding ceremony venue.

How your wedding will look like will all depend on you, by hiring a motor coach it can make a huge difference when it comes to the riding experience. Sure, your guests will never forget about your wedding day and the riding experience you gave on them.

Decorate The Motor Coach in Style

Unlike with other shuttle services like the hotels, you can modify the appearance of the bus. You can decorate it with your heart’s content. Simply add your wedding colors throughout the interior with a couple of banners, flowers, balloons, and wrap the bus with your name and spouse-to-be name on the inside to blow your guests away. But make sure to have a talk first with the reservation specialist before you do this for all the possibilities and to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

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