Three things to remember when you visit your nail salon


Every woman is very keen on painting their nails to perfection, and it is also one of the easiest one to mess up. What makes it worse is that not everyone is very good at painting or polishing their nails forcing them to go back to their nail salon to re-polish it after scratching it on the surface accidentally.

The bottom line is, women do not want their nails to get messed up which is why there is a new beauty product, a nail polish women loves, the gel manicure. This lasts for weeks, it is also chip-free, and also can dry easily and very durable against scratches and cracks.

There is even a hype surrounding gel manicure among women, and it turned into a sensation eventually. You can now buy your own kit and polish your nails by yourself, also, there are gel-like polishes which you can treat with ultraviolet light, while for those who do not want to spend more money going back frequently to their preferred salon, gel manicure and Tops semipermanentes is truly a life-saving invention.

However, despite the goodness of gel-manicures or gel polish bring to women, all of that shine and glitters there are still more important things that you should know about this product before you get too excited to shop your own kit. That is why in this post, let us talk about some of the things that you need to know before you decide to purchase your own gel-manicure set.

Accesorios manicura

  1. It weakens your nail bed– It may be impossible to think, however, it is completely true. It may disappoint you to see your nails which has no fresh coat of manicure, however, your regular visit to your preferred nail salon can lead to weakening your nail beds. According to medical experts, the thick coat of the gel polish does not allow your nail beds or your cuticles to breathe comfortably. And getting that applied routinely, and also a regular polish can dehydrate your nails and can thin out your nail’s plate.
  2. It affects your nails’ health– As with regular manicuring, gel polishes can peel off and lift eventually. If this happens, the water can seep under the gel and the polish locks in the moisture of your nails which causes bacteria and fungus to multiply underneath it according to medical experts. There are some cases that it may cause an infection that is why you should remember that it is completely important for you not to pick at your manicure if it already lifts because there are layers that can come off of it which further thins your nail plate.
  3. Ultraviolet (UV) light is harmful– In order to treat and dry your gel-polish quickly, it is best to use ultraviolet light, however, these lights are also responsible for harmful Ultraviolet radiation exposure which risks your skin of developing skin cancer in the long run. Your nails simply cannot spend a lot of time under the ultraviolet lamp at your nail salon, and frequent visit there could entirely ruin your overall health in the long run.

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