Here’s One Way to Transform Your Ride


If you’re on the lookout for a great but inexpensive way to revamp your car’s appearance, then why don’t you try tire lettering today. Notice those letters on the tire sidewalls? You can actually paint them by coloring those letters to give it an ultimate unique and creative finish once and for all. You’ll only need a few dollars and a bit of your time to finish this project. Here’s what you need to do for your tire painting project.

What You Need

You can actually use whatever color you want for your tires. Of course, you need to make sure that it complements the color of your car, too. Basically, the color white is a popular choice among car owners while others opt for yellow, too. With this tire paint project, you need to use paints that are oil-based. In applying, you can use a paint marker that’s either medium tip or fine tip. A tire cleaner will also come in handy for any coloring mistake that you’ll make in the process. Prepare rags to wipe away extra color and dirt while doing the job. You may also use paper, paper towels, and cardboard to cover up your workspace.

How to Do It

In performing this project, you need to remove the tire from your car first. Make sure that you scrub all the dirt and possibly oil from the area that you want to put your lettering on. If you have more time, you can just clean up the whole area with a tire cleaner to make sure that it’s all cleaned up. If you have been using a tire black or shine, you may need to be extra careful in cleaning it to get all the oil residue away from the surface. Wipe it all out with a clean rag until it becomes dry.

Use your medium tip marker, shake it, and pump the marker tip against a paper or paper towel. You can also use cardboard if you want to. Do this for a couple of minutes until the paint comes out and it becomes saturated. Now, begin coloring the letters with your marker. To make things easy, color the center first before moving on the outlines with your fin tip paint marker.

Don’t be in a hurry when lettering. Always check if there are spots that you could have missed. For bolder colors, apply another coat or two. More importantly, wear gloves and old clothes, too. Remember that paint is pretty hard to wash out.

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