Are You Getting Good Price for Your Coins


Being a coin & bullion dealer who specializes in the rare coins, we are often asked by the prospective customers how will they know if they are getting the fair price for the rare coins.  The rare and numismatic greysheet coins are very different from silver and gold bullion coins and whose value is mainly derived from prevailing price of silver and gold in commodities market.  Whereas this piece is not intended to be the complete comprehensive guide for intricacies of this rare coin market, but, it our plan to offer you with sufficient information so you are well informed & comfortable when it is the right time to sell the rare coins.

Retail Prices


The retail prices are generally suggested prices that are hardly realized.  The good way of viewing the retail prices is thinking about the automobile MSRP.  Anybody who has done car shopping knows exactly that it is a starting place to begin negotiations.  Regarding the rare coins, internet is the most popular & referenced resources, but it is very important to know that prices noted are the retail prices.  Thus, most of the coin dealers will be highly thrilled to sell the coins at these stated prices in the guide, however majority of the time, actual cost realized is called as market price that is been determined by the demand in marketplace.  The retail prices also can be found on the internet websites and on a website of the Coin Trackers.  Suppose you are in a market to sell the rare coins, then retail prices must be disregarded, since they do not accurately reflect over what you must expect to get for the rare coins.

Market Prices

The market prices are realized by the coin dealers while selling their coins.  There are some good resources online to get the recent sale prices.  It is very important that you look at sold auction rates when opposed to active and completed auctions, as most of its asking prices will not be realized.  It is one common mistake that sellers of the rare coins make those results in the inflated expectations, which will definitely disappoint.

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