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0 is a newly established online entity that is intended to allow users to access movies embedded on the site.

Embedding allows you to take a video and post it on a webpage. So, when your friend embeds a video on your blog, then people can watch the video. operates on this mechanism and we are here to give more than just entertainment.

What is

We are a newly –established online entity with a great desire to bring you entertainment. Getting online hooks you to make and read posts, stressing yourself out with negativity in the social media. Having been immersed in work, you deserve a break.

 We are a website that allows you to embed links from other sites such as,,,Openload etc. for other users to watch movies, TV shows or TV series. Our existence is legit. There is no doubt about it.

We do not host any film or TV show file on the server to avoid grounds for copyright infringement.  That means that we do not owe any responsibility for the accuracy, compliance, legality, or decency of the videos.The site features movies, TV shows, and TV series of different genres. This is to cater to the needs of the variety of users that visit oursite.


What is It Like Watching from Ouchmovies?

Experience how watching movie is like at Ouchmovies. The featured movie is “Split”. Watching “Split” from Ouchmovies is a great experience. The streaming is impeccable. There were no periods when the streaming would lag nor the video would buffer.

The resolution is quite good and the display was impressive. The audio is also commendable when earphones were used.Watching the movie at Ouchmovies is also like watching it on the big screen. The suspense that it creates is for real.

You don’t believe it, see for yourself!

 How about Copyright Issues?

With the proliferation of movie streaming and embedding online, it is hard to know, which has legit existence. However, in our case, legitimacy matters. The legitimacy is just as important as our existence. We do not condone copyright infringement. We welcome reports of copyright infringement and are willing to trash the file.

Don’t you think is a good measure to also promote the importance of copyright?

Watching movies, TV series, and TV shows online should not only be done for pure entertainment. As users of a particular website, you are called to discriminate what should be patronized or not. We are also here to help you with this.

What are you waiting for? Experience  Ouchmovie now!


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