The Chinese New Year Goodies As Treats


It is that season again when one goes through the Chinese New Year fairs to find the best chinese new year goodies to take home. In the chance that one doesn’t mind the problem of barely going through the fairs and trying to take an example of everything, one limit what one believe to be the best places to get the most famous snacks.

KELE Pineapple Pies

Pineapple pies are conceivably the most popular snack of the Chinese New Year. The best pineapple pies are rich and brittle; accompanied by some new and not too sweet pineapple jam as Chinese new year goodies.

KELE pineapple pies were voted the best pineapple pies in Singapore and here’s why. Its jelly formula has been around for 30 years and has been consumed to be the perfect blend of sweet and sour. These come in 2 structures – open top or ball. People who prefer more jams should choose the top ones open.

Pre-order the KELE pineapple pies at Klook and essentially go to Chinatown to get them. One can browse 3 flavours – exclusive, chocolate and pandan! Give each of the three an example when one goes to the store and take home the most important ones.

The Season

Singapore’s bubbly environment is simply difficult to get away from, and one probably would have no desire to move out of it anyway. One hit two winged animals with a stone too: with those bites, one would get enough of heavenly food and fill the self with favourable luck and prosper enough to last another year.

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