Video creation: the basic principles


If you have never created a video before, this article will give you the basics. Once you have gained some experience, you will adapt the process to meet your own needs. But first, television commercial videography Singapore  here are the points to consider starting.

Equipmenttelevision commercial videography Singapore

Make sure you have everything you need for filming. Make a preliminary identification of the site if possible. Check how much and what kind of natural light you have and plan to bring lighting if there is not enough. Good lighting is the number one parameter for getting quality video. Even the choice of the camera comes after the lighting because even a high-end camera will produce a poor quality image in very low light. That being said, the choice of the camera is also important. Smart phones may be a more than recommended choice nowadays for shooting basic videos. But if you’re looking for a more professional look, head to an SLR camera or a professional video camera. Although these devices require a higher investment and are more difficult to transport, the image quality obtained by television commercial videography Singapore often deserves this effort.


When it’s time to film, do not forget to bring several copies of your filming schedule. While it’s important to shoot all of the shots on your list, do not be afraid to shoot more shots based on your current inspiration. Be sure to film secondary sequences or cutting plans on site, especially for interviews. These sequences are often difficult to plan, so plan the time needed. If you have a device that  can shoot and take photos (such as an SLR), do not forget to take high-quality photos too. These are great for banner ads, home pages, video thumbnails, and other add-on content for your video. Placing still images in photo mode will always produce better images than if you extract them from your video because their resolution will be much higher. If you do not have an SLR, use your smart phone to take pictures.

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