How To Use Melanotan: A Guide For The User


Using melanotan is very easy. As a new user, it is best to do thorough research about the tanning product. But, there is no need to worry about its health effects. It is very safe to use, and no harm to health. As a new user of the product, it is essential to spend more time to read through about it. It must be noted that the use of this tanning product is continuing therapy. In fact, it requires a starting dosage before going as maintenance. Users will soon get that tan skin tone that they desired. New users must know that the correct dosage results in a quick and effective result. An excellent result will definitely be achieved. Melanotan is available and requires reconstitution with sterilized water before use. More information about the tanning product can be seen at


How is it done?

Using the tanning product is done at home. Why? Right after reconstitution vial, it needs to be kept in the fridge. It needs to be refrigerated to avoid degrading its effect. It slowly degrades which becomes less effective. Restoring tanning peptide will be a part of the process. It is required for the use of the product, full attention is a must for getting accurate results. To dilute more water improves dosing accuracy, 1 or 2 ml of sterilized water is normally used. Also, users must know that there is a unique calculator of this tanning product intended for the users. It is an ideal tool for new and potential users to know how the product can be used. Also, it is just a starting out for not sure of what the proper dose of the product.

A simple yet important reminder for the users

Users should know not to get fall for an easy method of using the tanning product. The proper way to use this peptide is only done through injections. In fact, many online sellers are offering like pre-mixed peptide, nasal sprays, and oral pills. In fact, these variants don’t work. If it actually works that way, no one would use the injection type. Although there are positive reports about using the nasal spray, it is not that cost effective. The peptide molecules are large in this form and it is hard to pass the nasal membrane. It has some minor effect in comparison to injection which has a 100% absorption rate. Pills are useless method in this tanning product.

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