Scalp without dandruff or acne with salicylic acid shampoo


Salicylic acid is part of the aspirin family and is famous for its antibacterial properties. It is a lipophilic, that is, it has the ability to break the barriers of sebum or grease to clean the pores. This point is very important, since acne and dandruff are the direct result of congested pores.

It is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce inflammation and irritation. Another important benefit of the acid is that it is a natural exfoliate.

The best remedy against dandruff

If dandruff is one of your problems, with salicylic acid shampoo you can say goodbye to it forever. This ingredient works on the scalp softening the layer of dandruff it has and helping to renew the skin layers. Therefore, it is one of the fundamental components of hair treatments and anti dandruff shampoos. However, once we have considerably reduced the dandruff of our hair it is recommended to alternate it with a softer shampoo, since the treatment could lose its effectiveness. GroomingAdepts program will help you more about it.

Remove the scales

There is a wide variety of skin problems, but one of the most unknown is seborrheic dermatitis, which causes the cells to renew at a faster rate than usual, piling up on the surface and creating unpleasant yellowish scales. Precisely salicylic acid acts against this problem by removing the cornea layer of the skin and making the scales disappear.


Open the pores

Acne is often motivated mainly due to excessive plugging of the pores of the skin, something that occurs due to the accumulation of dirt on the skin. The dermis cannot breathe and the overproduction of sebum motivated by the closing of pores inevitably leads to the development of acne. Therefore, salicylic acid is also a key ingredient of certain cosmetics, which have as their main purpose to eliminate acne, as it frees the skin of dirt and opens pores.

 How salicylic acid shampoo works

Specifically in the hair, this acid is responsible for reducing the frequency with which the cells die. If you are not familiar with the process of dandruff, this disorder is caused by a fungus called mlassezia. This fungus accelerates and alters the process of regeneration of the capillary cells and therefore the scales are produced.

Scales appear when cells die at a super-accelerated frequency. There are people who are allergic to that chemical and must replace the salicylic acid shampoo with one with zinc pyrithione. Like acid, this ingredient was designed to treat dandruff, and relieve itching.

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