The three types of pavers that you have to know


The most popular surfaces for driveways are either concrete and asphalt according to many homeowners because both have long-lasting materials that are relatively economical.

Just so you know, an asphalt driveway only averages between three to five dollars per square foot if you plan to install it in your home which makes it very economical considering that it can last up to two decades if it is taken care of properly. Usually, the cost of installing a concrete driveway average for about six dollars per square foot, and on a national level, it can last up to four decades with good maintenance.

wirral drivewaysHowever, both these materials are just too boring to make your driveway beautifully designed, so if you are tired of the usual look of your driveway, you can actually plan out in using driveway pavers for your next major home project.

Usually, all of the installations of paver driveways starts with having a good base that is made up of compacted gravel and sand, however, there are some people who are too surprised in learning that there are actually different types of pavers which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Usually, pavers are made up of durable concrete bricks that have different shapes, appearances, colors, and designs that provide you good options. If you are able to choose the right pavers and install them professionally, you are assured to provide more appeal for your home.

In this post, let us discuss the three types of driveway pavers for your own convenience in no particular order courtesy of wirral driveways.

  1. Brick pavers– Usually, brick pavers are formed from any clay that is molded and baked and having a brick paver driveway provides you with long-lasting durability which lasts for a couple of decades, however, it is the most fragile among the three types because it can wither out because of the weather.
  2. Concrete pavers- Perhaps, the top choice for many homeowners, concrete pavers uses nothing but concrete in molding bricks. It can last up to fifty years if taken care properly which is stronger than solid slabs of concrete.
  3. Cobblestone pavers– Cobblestones are the materials coming from natural quarried stones that are formed into blocks. According to many, this is the most durable paver among the three types which can last to a whopping century.

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