Things to consider before buying a new home


Buying a new home is not easy. For many, it will be the biggest transaction of their lives. The quality of its construction is therefore essential. Among the many things to check out, we’ve set a top 10.

The choice of land

It is very important to ensure that the land is not in a risk zone (eg flood zone, clay soils, radon emission zone, presence of ferrous ocher). Doing a soil test before you buy is a good idea.

Is the contractor accredited to the Residential Construction Guarantee (GCR)?

Benefiting from DGC protection is a distinct advantage for a buyer. An accredited DCM contractor is usually financially solvent. The DGC also has a team of inspectors who visit the sites.

Make an “investigation” about the contractor

  • When you buy a car, you do not do it lightly, you should do the same for a property finder “Scrutinize” the entrepreneur is a good idea. Ex .: to check if the neighbors who bought a property of the same builder are satisfied,
  • How long has he been in business, how many successful projects does he have on his roadmap? (We can go see them, suggests Me Allard and inquire with the co-owners on the quality of construction and after-sales service).
  • Has he been the subject of complaints to the Office of Consumer Protection? It is verified at
  • Are the documents he gives us clear? Is it easy to get information?
  • OurĀ  sales office staff open and able to provide accurate answers to questions?

Check the soundproofing

When buying a condominium, any occupant wants to be sure that the walls and floors are soundproofed. For this, it is better to opt for a concrete construction because this material is a good soundproofing.

property finderTake into account the insulation

The prospective buyer must ensure that the property is built to the highest standards of insulation. In this way, he will not jump to the ceiling when he receives these heating bills.

Good doors and windows

Make sure that you have good insulating and soundproofing doors and that windows are installed according to the rules of the art (eg, from the inside rather than the outside), that the framing is well insulated and caulked and the interior of the double glazing contains a Low E film that will reduce heat loss.

What is the building code in effect?

Municipalities are free to apply on their territory the code of construction they desire. However, the use of the most recent code should correspond to a better quality of construction.

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