Windsor is the state’s first English settlement. Its location is in the northern part of Hartford County. This is where Farmington and Connecticut Rivers join. This confluence made the area precious, especially to the residents. It became a trade corridor, farmland, and hunting grounds. Today, Windsor is famous for its diverse corporate and technological enterprises.

Windsor is a suburb of Hartford. With a population of 29,037, it is one of the best places to live in Connecticut. You can find a lot of parks here. There are many young professionals in the area and they tend to be liberal. You can consider public schools in Windsor as above average.

Real estate

Windsor offers a sparse suburban feel. Most people own their homes and only a few rent theirs. It has a high median home value compared to the national value. The median rent rate is also higher than the national value.

Homes for sale

There are many homes for sale in windsor ct. A 3-bedroom house with 1 bathroom usually cost around $100,000. A house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms cost about $215,000. For a larger family, the price for a 4-bedroom house with 3 bathrooms is around $260,000. You can look around to find the most suitable home for you and your family.

Windsor Rankings

Windsor ranks as the 6th Most Diverse Suburb in Connecticut out of 74 suburbs. It ranks 3rd of 42 suburbs in Hartford County. It is also ranked 18th among 41 suburbs as one of the Best Suburbs to Raise a Family in Hartford Area. Out of 6,805 suburbs in America, it ranked 608th in the Most Diverse Suburbs in America.

homes for sale in windsor ctCrime and Safety

Violent crimes have a low rate in Windsor. These include assault, murder, rape, and robbery. The crime rate involving properties is not so low. Burglary and motor vehicle theft is common. Theft has a high crime rate here. The police are very visible so residents feel at ease. They are comfortable with their response speed.


With a population of 29,037, Windsor has a diverse ethnicity. Most people consider Windsor residents as private. Some call them boring. And a few regard them as family-oriented. The majority of the residents are white and some are African American. There are a few Hispanic and Asians. The male to female ratio is almost equal. About 57% of residents say that there is a good sense of community.

See what it’s like in Windsor. Explore the place and decide for yourself if it is the place for you.

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