Design your own shirt with screen printing technology


In the early days, this type of printing was popular with people as screen printing, because the screens that were used were made of silk. Everyone is familiar with the famous printing method prevalent in China. But with the advancement of technology, polymeric fibers now have a prominent position allowing us to take advantage of synthetic screens that require less expense. Before making displays, you need to make a design that you want to print on your shirt. Remember that you need separate screens for each shade if your design is not standardized. The multi-color design is more expensive compared to the monochrome design. Again, this depends on how many shirts you want to print. Due to the increase in the number of printed T-shirts, it has a lower cost per unit.

You can use various printing options, such as digital printing, which includes multi-color printing at a lower cost. If you review the following characteristics of digital printing, you will definitely prefer the screen printing method over digital printing.

Benefits of screen printing

  • This process is useful if you intend to make your own color-masked shirt in larger areas. In contrast, digital printing makes it difficult to print over large areas as effectively as the previous method.
  • Screen printed shirts are very dense and deep color can be captured underneath. At the same time, digital printing makes it difficult to print lighter colors on thicker colors like pale blue on thick yellow.
  • Screen printing inks are very solid and opaque, offering a wider coverage.
  • The screen is less expensive if you choose a shade and more uses of the screen reduces the cost significantly.
  • The display provides the brightness of the color used.

Personalized t shirt printing are still the most sought-after styles by garment printers today, but if you prefer to design and print your own t-shirt, it is recommended that you choose the fewest colors on your screen.

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