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When you order a name patch some time it may not fit into all type of garments. It may look odd if not fitted into correct garment. Unlike these kinds of name patches, those produced by this company can be fitted into any kind of materials and garments. They are in the embroidery business for long time and know the finer points in the business and art. They are the leaders in making the custom name patches for different kind of companies and for the different law enforcement institutions. Unlike other companies they don’t charge anything for the art works or design in the name patches.

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Moreover, with the design, you can do any number of changes and corrections till you are satisfied. There is no limitation in that. It will be done without any further cost to the customers. Once the work is done, it will be shipped free of cost to the clients. They don’t charge anything separately for shipping the finished name patches.  Moreover, if you find any other company doing for less than the price quoted by this company you can contact them. They will provide you the quote that either matches the quote or beat the same.

Getting the quote from them is very easy. You can just their website and fill out the details , like name, contact number, size of the name patch you want  to make and the date in which you want to have. Once you fill and submit the same, you will be getting the quote in the given email id pretty soon. Once you confirmed the order, they will start working on the design and get back to you with the design. Once you had the design, you can contact their artists who are experts in the design to make any further change or corrections in that.  You can also choose what kind of name patch you want that is the material of the name patch. They don’t charge anything separately for the art works. It is completely free of charge. You can’t find a much cheaper option than this company. Also, if you are not satisfied with the work done, you can return the material and you will be getting the replacements free of cost. You can contact their customer care for returning and getting the replacement for free of cost.

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