How To Brush Away Your Child’s Scalp Problems


Babies are the most prized possession for every parent. They are sensitive, sweet little bundles of joy who need to be treated with utmost love and care, and must be protected against anything that might harm them. Yet sometimes parents struggle to find the best baby care products suited for their child’s hygiene. This is where Fridababy DermaFrida Skin Soother come into play.

The scalp of babies is a tender and sensitive area, which needs the most authentic and hygienic products.  Fridababy DermaFrida Skin Soother is silicon made brushes that aid to clean the baby’s scalp with precision and care and have been proven to remove cradle cap, which is a yellow flaky substance accumulating on a baby’s head.

  What Are Fridababy DermaFrida Skin Soother?

 Fridababy DermaFrida Skin Soother are silicon made brush specifically designed for newborns and infants, that have been proven safe and irritation free to be used on the scalp of an infant. It has the softest bristles and is gentle to the baby’s skin. This compact brush is the best choice for the baby’s health as it provides zero irritability and ensures no roughness in its usage.

      What Are The Uses Of This Brush?

 The brush can be used to get rid of Eczema. It is advised to apply lotion on the baby’s scalp after a bath and gently massage the head with this brush. The brush must be rinsed and cleaned thoroughly after the procedure is over to ensure maximum hygiene.

The brush also helps in massaging the scalp of the baby. Massages are very effective in increasing circulation and growth on the baby’s scalp. Warm oil or lotion can be used to gently massage the scalp of the child to soothe as well as aid in circulation for the baby.

 What Is The Retail Price For this Brush?

The price of Fridababy DermaFrida Silicon brush is variable if looked for in different stores or sites but it costs about $6.99-$10.99 on the official site.

How To Use This Brush?

It can be used to scrub the scalp of the baby generally, and it works perfectly to remove cradle cap or to flake off the dry skin. To use this brush, first, the baby’s head must be lathered with a cleanser and then the brush could be used to brush the kid’s scalp. After the work is over, the brush must be cleaned and rinsed.


To every parent, a thing that becomes a topmost priority for their baby is their hygiene. The hygiene paves the way to better health of the child and ensuring that is very important. Therefore, to care for your baby’s needs there must be absolutely no doubt in choosing this brush, for its verifiable quality and affordable price.  After all, good health and hygiene is a must for every child to his parents.

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