How to place an order for Durian fruits on the web?


In some regions of the world, Durian fruit is considered as the king of fruits and they have little differences from one country to another. But there are a lot of people would like to taste durians in Singapore but unluckily this fruit is banned for the public transportation. As it is the large sized fruit with the thorn covered rind, and strong odour, it disturbs people in the public transports. Thus, Singapore government banned it for the travelling purposes in the public buses, trains, and other transports. But you can order it online to privately get the durian Singapore delivery directly to your doorstep. Durian 36 is a right Singapore based online shop to deliver original durian fruits as you need.

Why choose Durian 36?

    • Every buyer can have a wonderful shopping experience of durians only at this Durian 36 online shop.
    • There is a team of experts here at this platform to give 100 % assurance that your durian fruits are handpicked safely and hygienically for delivery.
  • They have gone through the strict quality check in order to ensure delivering only the high quality durian fruits to the customers.
  • They always strive to gain 100 % customer satisfactions even from a single order to the bulk orders of durians.

This Durian 36 online shopping world has several decades of experience in this field so there is no compromise for their quality of product or service. They always keep providing extraordinary range of top quality durians and service with the exceptional range of reliability, honesty, and reputation in their business.

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