Skateboarding Not a Sport but a Culture


Unlike other sports skateboarding has become a culture that has influenced many across the world. It is one of the most loved activities which does not require any team or rules and people are free to skate the way they want. The activity first became popular in California and was mainly used by surfers in their downtime. Gradually with better quality skate boards being produced it became a trend that was loved by one and all. It was considered to be a good stress buster that reduces the risk of many health problems like obesity and high blood pressure. There are blogs like thesportbro which give you complete information on all that you need to get started with your passion of skate boarding.

Be it any sport safety should always be the priority therefore the first thing that you need should be a helmet. There are a few parameters to be kept in mind while purchasing a skateboard helmet. Material used for the inner lining and the outer body and how much protection does it provide these are some of the important factors to be considered. Apart from this the pricing and fit are also important considerations. Thesportbro website has all the information relating to the same. It also gives you a sneak peek into the best available helmets today in the market.

Next in the line are the deck and the wheels. If it is your first skate board it is very important to make an informed purchase decision. The quality of the skateboard will have an longterm impact on its life. The blog gives you complete information on the parameters pertaining to the specifications of the deck. This is important as it is the base where you stand on and a compromise on quality will lead to damage. Always choose a deck which is 19 cms to 24 cms wide and 28 to 32 inches long. Choice of deck also depends upon what purpose you want it to serve. If you require it for transportation then a wider board is what you should opt for as a narrow board is better for doing tricks. The blog also gives you a complete understanding on other parameters like how much money one should invest in buying, what kind of a wheel base and deck concave to look for and many more. Apart from this it boast of information on some of the high performance wheels available today in the market.

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