What are the benefits of cloud  PBX?


The cloud PBX is an internet phone system in which the provider is responsible for housing the PBX equipment. Your desk phone plugs into a router and any calls, signaling, and features are handled through a server at the provider’s location. The PBX is responsible for routing incoming calls, enabling call transfer to other extensions so you must try the best virtual phone system for small business


  1. Features and flexibility 

It offers significant benefits in terms of features and flexibility. The world moves increasingly to the flexible and nontraditional working environment and it has become the best virtual phone system for small business. Your employees can customize their phone settings to whatever works best for them like calls routed to both their desk phone and their computer.

  1. Reliable services

Phone communication is the backbone of their day to day activities. The traditional landline system uses copper cabling to transfer phone calls and these cables are vulnerable to natural disasters, vandalism, and wear and tear.

  1. Auto-attendant 

They are virtual receptionists that answer calls and transfer callers to the appropriate employees.

  1. Extension dialing 

In the place of punching in an employee’s entire phone number, employees can dial a few numbers to connect with co-workers.

  1. Video conferencing 

Users can host video meetings that allow for screen sharing and lets users view and discuss documents or presentations. The call capacity varies among providers up to 1000 people on a call.

  1. Text messaging 

Any employee can send text messages from their business lines instead of from their phone numbers.

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