Is your old car’s turbulent noise annoying you? Worried whether it would get any return price when sold? Worry not. By considering some factors through which you can determine the selling price of a vehicle, you can estimate the value yourself. While market and demand are always dominant for plantation auto sales players, there are also other vitalcomponents which gointo determining the selling pricesof the car.

Original price of the car:

The amount of your vehicle at the time of purchase is the most critical parameter which determines the cost of your vehicle. Depreciation, Insurance and other financial elements recalculated on this price.

Age of the vehicle:

 Depending on the age, buyers estimate depreciation that it would have gone and the number of services you would have made.  Based on the age of the vehicle and the time you took ownership from, number of Interests you have paid is calculated.

Several previous owners:

Old cars generally change hands. You may not be the first owner of the vehicle. The selling price of the car is calculated depending on the number of owners who have used it. If it has worked under multiple owners, the selling price you will have to expect a little less cost.

Several kilometres:

Different people use vehicles in different ways. While some use it only for office commuting and other intercity purposes, others use it for long distance travels. In the latter case, the engine may be prone to a lot of wear due to which its depreciation value increases and price decreases. The more the number of kilometres, the less will be the selling price.

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Selling /trading:

The purpose for which you are selling the car also is essential. If you intend to trade the vehicle rather than selling it, you may get less value for your vehicle.

The place of registration and people’s choices:

The demand for certain cars is more in specific areas. They command more selling price in their hot favourite places. Also, some vehicles registered in one area may not have resale value in another.


Big brands command more resale value compared to that of smaller ones. Current automobile names like Hyundai, Toyota and Honda, have higher demand and better resale value.

Before selling the car, give time for yourself. Explore and understand the market carefully and start looking for purchasers well in advance. Delay in the sale will make you desperate, and your desperation will make purchasers take advantage of the situation.

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