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Who does not know Beethoven Symphony and who does not want to play it in their musical instruments? Instrumentalists world-wide try and play Beethoven’s symphony on their instruments. But the fact is, nothing matches the tune as a piano. The Piano is the perfect instrument that gives life to those classic musical pieces and also adds a royal touch to the tunes. What more, it also gives a touching finish to your home interiors. In this article, we shall look into a few tips on purchasing a piano, describe its parts and its servicing.

Parts of a Piano

A piano has several parts that are very important for it to function properly. Some of them are:

  • The Cabinet: This is the top wooden covering that a piano will have – including the stand and the provision for the keys. Manufacturers nowadays lay emphasis on the furniture aspect of a piano that on its importance as a musical instrument. So, look for solid core cabinet to protect the instrument against the weather changes.
  • Soundboards: They are important when considering the musical aspect of a piano. They help to produce proper notes through a piano. Make sure you look for a piano with a laminated soundboard so as to increase its life expectancy.
  • Keys: There are very important because ultimately, they are the ones which make a piano look like one. They must we weighted and well-balanced as unweighted keys cause fatigue after playing only for a short period of time.

piano repair troy

What is the average life expectancy of a piano?

The life expectancy of a piano actually depends on the materials of which it is made of, its model and method of construction. One can safely say that an average piano can last anywhere between 30 to 45 years (for spinets and console). A grand piano can last up to 60 years.

Actually, a piano which is past its life expectancy needs costly repairs and sometimes a complete rebuilding. So, an antique piano does not function unless it is totally rebuilt. Also, a rebuilt piano must have all the specifications of the original piano and also 80% of life expectancy of a new one.

 In case you are looking to repair or rebuild your piano, you can always consult piano repair troy.

So, this was all the basic stuff that you need to know before purchasing a new piano. Also, consider other aspects like the size before proceeding with a purchase. Definitely, a piano will not only add to your interior decoration but also helps you get attracted to music, which calms your mind.

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