Take a look at the pros and cons of trading with bitcoin


Bitcoin are indeed gaining great popularity these days, especially with brokers such as gdax, which exceed 200,000 account holders and say that they even offer debit cards to account holders first to VIP customers and then to card holders. smaller accounts I think that one of the reasons that we are seeing such an increase with this type of investment is that it is very easy to negotiate with them. If you traded with currencies before placing an entry order (pending order), set a stop at 30-40 pips and, as a rule, the target is on the first line of a high trend, the next resistance level, rollback fiber, or even another custom tool to guide your measured market bias.

Some additional benefits of trading bitcoin are the advantages of ultra-fast expiration times, for example 60 seconds or more, for example, the end of the day, the next day, or even during the next week or month.

Of course, in order for the transaction to be valid, a contract must be available for the expiration date and sufficient liquidity for this asset (which means that the broker still has contracts for its sale and that not all were accepted), or the broker no I can sell you this option. It is very surprising that when working with options of this type you can really earn 70-85% per operation or if it is a “one-touch” operation, which means that the market price goes up or down to the predetermined level at which He bought the contract at that time.

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