Our best tips and tricks to survive and win in PUBG


Do you have what it takes to win in PUBG? In this article, we’ll share tips and tricks to get you started in PUBG Mobile, survive to eliminate rivals and get the most out of this great game.Click here for teamfight tactics elo boost.

Use automatic functions

Playing action games on a touch screen can be difficult, but PUBG Mobile has some convenient automatic functions to make your task easier. Do not make your life more difficult and make use of it.Visit this site for https://tft-boosting.com.

Automatic Sprint

 The icon appears when you run at full speed. Simply press it with your finger and then remove it to keep running.

Free View

A handy feature that is missing at Fortnite, you can drag the eye-shaped icon just below the map to visualize your surroundings and keep an eye on your surroundings. It works when you run, allowing you to look around without having to change direction.

Automatic Swag

Your avatar will simply pick up essential items, such as rare goggles, weapons, armor, and more, without you having to do anything. The game is pretty smart about it, but when your inventory is cluttered, you will have to check that it matches what you are actually looking for.

Use your ears

In PUBG, your sense of hearing is the key. Without background music to distract you, you will have to rely on your ears to hear the blows and the sounds of movement around you.

An attentive ear can mean the difference between life and death, so do not be tempted to play PUBG Mobile muted in the subway as on other mobile games. Instead, invest in decent headphones to give you an edge.

Set your preferences

In PUBG Mobile, a wise warrior always adjusts the settings to make sure he’s always fighting in the best conditions. Sun Tzu probably said that. The game has several settings in the menu of options that often go unnoticed, but to take a look could bring you victory.

Does your game work slowly or without problems? Remember to set the graphics settings to low and your FPS settings to high in order to have a smoother experience. The war is ugly, but the victory is beautiful.

You’ll also be able to play faster and more efficiently if you change certain options based on your style and level. In the menu you can adjust the sensitivity settings, change the location of the icons on the screen and disable or adjust the parameters of automatic loot. As already mentioned, activating the left fire button may prove to be a winning bet.

tft boostWatch out for cars

One of the most frustrating things in PUBG is being caught in a death zone without being able to move quickly to a safe zone. You will need a quick option, and that often means having a car. Once you know where the cars are, memorize their location for when the walls are closing. Some players even prefer to drop near cars rather than their favorite weapons.

Get help from your friends

If you find yourself in PUBG Mobile’s free-for-all often, you may want to consider playing some team games to hone your skills, especially if you know friends who are also playing the game. Team, especially with more experienced players, is a little less intense and gives you more leeway to understand the fundamentals. Your “friends” might regret having trained you if you ever find yourself face to face in a free-for-all.

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