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The Grand Theft Auto Series of games has been around for a while and has been showing people how to live the thug life for quite some time now. When they went online some 5 years ago, it has been received strongly by fans of the GTA series and since then have shown no signs of ever slowing down. From simply dragging people out of their cars and running away from cops, GTA online now lets people actually run a criminal empire and be truly a mastermind. GTA has a very loyal fan base, mostly due to the fact that it lets you live out your dark fantasies to wreak havoc on your city. Websites like Games04 also have been around for some time giving you the lowdown on everything there is to know about games news that matter.  Because it has been around for some time, we have compiled all the best tips and tricks that actually work to make it into the GTA online world.  Continue reading below for these gta tricks.

Hardware Requirements

GTA Online can be a bit hard on mobile devices, this is why for now, it can only be played on PC and gaming consoles. It requires at least an i5 3rd generation processor, 8 gigs of RAM and a decent video card, a GTX 660 as a minimum to be exact. While not exactly a high-end gaming spec, a mobile device would be hard pressed to match the gaming capacity of even just the minimum requirement for this game. Not having the bare minimum would cause gta glitch, and being an online game will not do at all, especially if you are in a fight. Now, the best games out there would naturally have high requirements, so do not blame the game developer if you cannot play it on a potato PC. An Xbox or a PS4 is fairly well equipped to handle the game but the real eye candy would be a full blown gaming rig of a PC. The game gta 5 has a fairly strong following on all platforms already even before it went online.

Money Makes The World Run in GTA Online

Because of its criminal background theme, money and violence mark the level of success you have in GTA Online, this means that the more money you have, the better off your empire would be. The ideal tips for players would be to amass wealth as quickly as possible. There are a lot of ways that you can earn money on GTA online and these are events by Rockstar (the game developer) or you can participate on user-generated events such as racing, missions, deathmatches and other things that you can do in-game.

GTA Online

The Money-Making List

This list is focused exclusively on how to make money on GTA online, and it starts with being on the lookout for double money events, again this is initiated by rockstar, and it happens almost every week. It could be races or pretty much any event that rockstar can think of. Always be on the lookout for these as sometimes they get applied on to heists, and that is where the big bucks are.

  1. The Pacific Standard Heist

To cut to the chase, the pacific standard heist on hard mode will give you the most profit per hour more than any other method in the game per hour when properly executed with a team. If you are the host, take a good 40% of the cut from the earnings. This heist will give you the potential to get about 400k per hour.

  1. The Doomsday Heist

The next one on the list would be the Doomsday Heist and this one gets you the opportunity of a 300k per hour payout.

  1. The Special Cargo Heist

Next up would be the “Special Cargo” heist which is kind of a money laundering operation, but this will net you about 200k per hour in the game.

  1. The Vehicle Cargo Heist

The “Vehicle Cargo” heist will give you a haul of about 300k per hour, provided you get the intricacies of setting this up covered.

  1. Air Freight Cargo

This one will get you money in the 150k per hour range, and you better stick to just sourcing one type of goods. You can choose between narcotics, medical supplies, or chemicals for that nice and tidy profit.

  1. The Gunrunning Scheme

This one is a passive income generating project and will get you 80k per hour while you do other things such as heists. You can either buy or steal your supplies and your staff will work on the supplies to generate your stock.

  1. The Motorcycle Club

This is a passive source of income again allowing you the luxury of doing other income generating sets for your character in GTA online. This also has the potential to get you 80k per hour in the game.

  1. Nightclubs

40k per hour is not bad when done in a passive manner

  1. VIP Work

This has the potential to earn you about 150k per hour and is a good way to master some skills and all while waiting for countdown timers to reset. The most notable missions to undertake on this would be Headhunter, Hostile takeover, and Sightseer would be the highest paying among the missions.

     By far these are the most lucrative money making ventures in GTA Online and hopefully, after reading this you will be that much closer to building your criminal empire and well on your way to be the best criminal mastermind in the game.

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