Declaration of Universal Human Rights


The United States of America is debilitated, when we are a spellbound, self – intrigue – based society, which puts a specific, individual/political plan, in front of the benefit of everyone. We were established, incompletely, but, in light of the standard, which demands, everybody is qualified for similar rights, opportunities, and freedoms, regardless of whether we concur with their positions and convictions, or not! The steady focal point of our current organization, on setting one fragment in opposition to another, utilizing way of talking/poison, and apparently, articulating a message, speaking to preference, inclination and bigotry, is against, what has, consistently, made America extraordinary! Isn’t it unexpected, the candidate, whose trademark was, Make America Great Again, verbalizes, such a different methodology, in office? This country has consistently been the guide, for quotes about human rights, all through the world, and, must do as such, by and by, and, later on, or hazard, guarding specific opportunities and rights, in the more drawn out – term. In light of that, this article will quickly, endeavor, to consider, inspect, survey, and talk about, utilizing the memory aide approach, what this implies, and why it is basic, for us, to guard, the idea, and practice, of, freedom and equity, for all, and equivalent security of the law.

  1. Head/heart; humane; recuperating: Wouldn’t we advantage, from an accentuation on mending the divisions, and the world, instead of making them, more articulated? In Hebrew, there is a term, tikunolam, which implies, mending the world, and, if, we as a whole made an endeavor, to continue, in a more humane demeanor and approach, we would all profit! If we could continue, in way, where we adjusted our passionate and legitimate segments, with a head/heart balance, we would turn out to be nearer, to our rights!
  1. Valuable; earnest: If individuals cooperated, it would be undeniably more helpful, and viable, than when, we are asked to be enemies, by certain political pioneers! The accentuation must be, on needs, and tending to, earnest needs, in an ideal, well – thought about way!
  1. Cause mark; to persuade; mean it: Most political, truth – checkers, have expressed, our current President, has utilized misquotes, and lies, at a pace, at no other time saw!
  1. Consideration; articulate; activities: We have to choose open authorities, with a positive, can – do, disposition, and a well – created fitness, and expertise – set, joined with an ability to focus, on serving the eventual benefits of most Americans!

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