What Is Good About SOFREP And Why You Should Listen To It


Is it hard to feel like you belong to your homeland after your recent trip. It’s perfectly understandable especially if you just came to a war-torn country and you saw the violence that you never saw in your life. Everyone expects you to cope and just flick the “homeland” switch once you’re in the homeland. The more trips you got the more lost you become. You realize right there that war never ends because it stays in you.

There might not be any missions once you’re in the homeland, but, you would always want something that’s relatable to keep you sane. Some talks that only people in the service would understand. There are podcasts that you can listen to that talks the language. It’s perfect even since its a podcast so you can always listen to it whenever and wherever. Why podcast:

It has good stories: A good story is subjective versus how the story was told and the target audience. Sure it’s nice to watch war movies and all that but once people hear people in the service talk stuff with a lot of jargon, people that are not in the service will get lost in translation. And that’s how real servicemen talks, that is the language and whether you’re in your trip or in the homeland. Any military story that is relatable is a good story and podcasts like SOFREP has a ton of it.

They got the latest updates: Regardless if you’re a vet or still in the service, any news about the latest things in the military like the latest jets, the latest weapons, the latest news in the places where people are deployed is always interesting news.

They speak your language: There’s a good reason why the guys in your platoon and you are very tight, and some would even consider them as more of a family than their very own families. Why? It’s not just because you fought together and you battle your demons together but because you have the same language. The language of war, coping, loss, and so on. Podcasts feels like that. It will feel like they talk to you and you can easily connect with the host.

There is this detachment to the current reality no matter how many trips a serviceman does every time they go home. Because war isn’t something that can easily be shrugged off when you come home. It stays in you and probably as a really good story as well too. Even when you’re in the homeland waiting to be redeployed or a vet, you’re always looking for something comforting and that is getting some familiar talk about the life you once had or currently have in the military that has shaped you. A podcast can mimic a good conversation and for that, you should try it.

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