Does Fascia Blasting Help with Cellulite?


Developed by Ashley Black, an entrepreneur and guru, the fasciablaster is a handheld massaging tool that needs to be rolled along the affected skin to reduce the appearance of unwanted dimples and wrinkled skin called cellulite. It is also said that FasciaBlaster can boost better blood flow, lessen pain, and fasten up muscle recovery by utilizing the method of myofascial release.

fasciablasterThe massaging tool targets the fascia, a connective tissue that linked the body’s muscles and organs. This connective tissue can turn into a rigid and stiff, which usually leads to pain and muscle tightness medically known as fascial adhesions.

The process called Fascia Blasting can help to reduce fascial adhesions, which can sometimes lead to irritation. Imagine it as a next-level deep-tissue massage, and you can use this at home even without a massage therapist.

However, you should be aware that there’s a layer of tissue that protects the muscle, and it is called fascia. Also, there’s a layer of another tissue between your muscles that can usually get tight. So, when your muscle feels the tightness, this is due to muscular pain syndrome. Now, it’ll become harder to stretch out these layers on your own. When that happens, if the pain is uncontrollable, it is advisable to get professional help to release myofascial.

The only aim and target of FasciaBlaster are to get rid of this dimpled and wrinkled skin of your body called cellulite. Moreover, fascia adhesion is the cause of dents and wrinkles, and using FasciaBlaster can help to eliminate this cellulite for good.

Fascia Blasting and Getting Rid of the Cellulite

According to Ashley Black, FasciaBlaster is designed to reduce cellulite’s appearance. So if you’re using this for myofascial release, in hopes of releasing the tightness and induce pain relief, then you’re lucky.

On the contrary, if you’re searching for an alternative way to enhance muscle definition, you must roll away those fat cells, or you can smooth out stubborn cellulite. Then, there’s a higher chance that the FasciaBlaster may not be able to live up to your expectations.

So, if you use FasciaBlaster for other purposes like myofascial release, then don’t expect a better outcome. As mentioned earlier, it was designed to lessen the appearance of cellulite.

If you use this massaging tool to reduce those wrinkled and dimpled skin in any parts of your body, then you can expect a good outcome for this because cellulite is caused by a small vertical fascia ligament within your body fat that is being connected to the skin. So, if you’re going to use FasciaBlaster, it can cause swelling in the skin, thus making the skin look better and reduce its cellulite’s appearance.

To maximize the benefit of FasciaBlaster, you should be able to apply enough pressure on the handheld tool to take effect, and you must do this regularly.

Treating Pain Using Fascia Blasting

There’s some evidence to prove that the massing device that helps with myofascial release can induce pain reduction. Also, it can help to lessen tension headaches and migraines by massaging it lightly with the combination of essential oil.

This myofascial release method has been proven effective for healing tissue restrictions that can induce joint function, which can usually lead to pain. Besides, similar tools from FasciaBlaster can be found in physical therapy clinics, gyms, and other training facilities that help to warm up muscles. A gentle massage using this device can help to lessen the pain.

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