What you need to know before installing a cargo carrier  on your car


The interior space of your vehicle does not meet your needs for transportation of equipment, luggage, sporting goods or materials? Adding a cargo carrier for car is a lot less expensive than buying a trailer or replacing your vehicle. But depending on your car and your budget, there are some things you need to know before you buy this kind of equipment. Legitimate spending shops with you roof racks to allow you to make a safe, convenient and economical choice.

 If the interior space of your vehicle does not meet your transportation needs for equipment, luggage, sporting goods or materials, adding a load-bearing system to the roof could be the solution to your problems …

 A much cheaper solution than buying a trailer or replacing your vehicle

 Prices, accessories, installation, maximum load, transfer to another vehicle … Here is everything you want to know about roof racks without having ever dared to ask! You can go to our website to know more about cargo carrier for car.

 What is justifies the large price difference between the different cargo carrier ?

 – Component quality and protection

– Entry-level models will have generic hook systems for a set of vehicles. This system could be difficult to install and leave marks on the roof.

– The high-end models will offer suitable fastening systems for each vehicle. Installation / uninstallation is often easier.

– Famous brands offer a lifetime guarantee.

Once the basic support is in place, you can, according to your needs, install different

accessories on the roof of your vehicle …

cargo carrier for car

 Accessories for carrying luggage

 Transport boxes

Some models

– Square transport boxes (for ragged vehicles)

– Short transport boxes (like a sarcophagus)

– Long transport boxes

 Their manufacture

– Most transport boxes are made of ABS plastic, a thick, durable and lightweight plastic that retains its shape.

– They are waterproof and are often covered with a layer of protection against UV rays.

– They are equipped with locks to protect the contents.

– The boxes have a volume that varies between 11 ft3 to 20 ft3




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