The use of RFID in various industries


RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) is a communication system made up of a reader equipment, one or more tags, and optionally an information system for managing the system. The reader equipment initiates communication by sending a signal to which the tags in the communication range respond, “identifying themselves” by means of a unique code stored on the tag.Some of the industries where RFID has a significant presence are described below. Click here for rfid singapore.

Retail / Fashion

Retail and fashion companies were among the first to adopt RFID technology. Starting from the manufacture of products, through the entire supply chain, to monitoring in stores, RFID technology offers advantages such as automatic inventory, product location, or monitoring of activity in stores in real time. A recent study concludes that RFID technology is already a reality in these industries that consume 75% of all RFID tags. Visit this site for rfidsingapore.


Increasing efficiency is key in all manufacturing processes. RFID technology offers the possibility of improving efficiency in aspects such as the traceability of tools and assets, or the monitoring of devices.

Health / Pharmaceuticals

Hospitals are beginning to use RFID to improve patient safety and monitoring, increase resource efficiency, real-time monitoring, and reduce errors thanks to automatic control.

Defense / Aerospace

In an industry as sensitive to safety as aerospace, RFID technology is used by companies to identify the different components of an aircraft during the manufacturing process.

Supply chain / Logistics

The logistics industry is also making a big bet on RFID technology. For example, automatic quality control in the delivery of goods, or real-time checking of the status of shipments, offer new possibilities in this industry.

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